RedBird Props

It's All About The Details

I build props and costume accessories to bring your character concepts to life. 

I guess I should Introduce Myself

Shiyo! Hello!

My name is Paige Cambern. I'm a Cherokee prop builder currently working in Portland, OR. I've been building props my whole life, ever since I realized I had the ability to make my own swords out of yard sticks and duct tape.

I love building stuff. That’s really all there is to it. Cosplay in particular is my favorite type of event to build for because the goal is always cheap but great looking, lightweight, and portable. That puzzle never fails to be a fun one. But I’ll build pretty much anything if my skills can manage it and you can ask for it.

I am assisted by my adorable studio-mate, Death the Cat, and our newest addition to the family, Kiwanda!


Let’s start building props!

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