RedBird Props

It's All About The Details

I build props and costume accessories to bring your character concepts to life. 

Bakuzan from Kill La Kill

This sword was really fun to make an presented a new and interesting challenge for me: a working scabbard! 

The sword is fabricated entirely from foam with a fiber glass rod core and a little balsa wood in the tsuba for stability. Both of these elements also help give the blade some heft, something often lacking in foam weapons. After getting sealed with PlastiDip, the sword was painted with metallic and enamel paints, sealed with enamel gloss clear coat, and weathered with black and brown acrylic paint. 

The scabbard is made from a single PVC pipe heated and shaped to a flattened cylinder. Details cut from foam and balsa wood were added, and the whole thing was sealed and painted with metallic and lacquer paints, and weathered in the same manner as the blade. Any rivets seen on this prop are actually googly eyes, one of my all time favorite prop-making tricks! 

Lovely thick cord was wrapped around the scabbard for the finishing touch along a faux elaborate knot. This sword was a blast to make and SUPER satisfying to draw.