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I build props and costume accessories to bring your character concepts to life. 

Cold Cast Coin

This custom, hand-sculpted coin was something I made for my boyfriend as a gift. He wanted a sort of charm, something he could carry in his pocket and flip to help him make decisions. He had seen a custom minted coin elsewhere with the hades and Persephone theme that he really loved, so I decided to play on that theme in my own design. 


The coin face was sculpted with a two-part apoxy sculpt on a thin wooden disk. Details were carved in by hand using various tools and sanded smooth. The outer rim of the coin was created by cutting and burning the design into a thin piece of balsa wood. Once the master coin was completed, a mold box was constructed out of cardboard and monster clay, and silicone poured over the top. This was tricky, as the coin is extremely thin and I had to make sure the edge of the coin was completely flush with the clay, or I would have an ugly center seam! 

Once the mold was finished the coin was cold cast using resin and aluminum metal powder. After buffing it lightly with steel wool and brushing on a wash of black acrylics to weather it, the coin was completed!